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Question 1

When you consider the goal or outcome that speaks or sings most to you today…..what is ONE SINGLE AND SPECIFIC ACTION you would be willing to take today?

(Ex:  Goal is to secure a contract with X company.  A single and specific step would be:  to complete introduction letter)


Question 2

When you consider this goal or outcome that speaks or sings most to you today and the single action that you are willing to take today, what are the RESULTING EMOTIONS that you anticipate you’ll experience (be rewarded with) by taking that single step?  

(Ex:  I anticipate that after completing the letter of introduction today I will feel satisfied, stronger, proud, more at ease, more confident and more secure) 


Question 3

Take a moment now and IMAGINE WATCHING YOURSELF take this action.  Yes, take a nice pre-view of you doing and completing this step today, and IN A SINGLE WORD describe “who you are being” while taking this action.

(Ex:  Bold, Confident, Loving, Sincere, Honest, Trusting, Brave, Courageous, Powerful, Giving, Caring, Compassionate, My Highest Self, a Leader, Revolutionary etc.)


or Watch Me explain here:


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