The thing I most want you to know about me are:

I really want to help you and I really CAN help you.

  • Improve HOW you are thinking about yourself and your life
  • Dream and Imagine effectively (yes, this is a real skill and done correctly, produces immediately)
  • Choose more deliberately and intentionally - thoughts and actions that shape your life experience
  • Take consistent, doable and result-specific actions toward your desired outcome(s)!!

 Have you ever had a Coach in your corner? 
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  • You get Powerful (and cool) tools that will give you better results – everywhere
  • You get Accountability to your dreams and goals
  • You get an unbiased Sounding Board for clarity and decision making
  • You get Laser perspective on what is and isn’t working for you
  • You get a FAST TRAK acceleration in the first 30 days of working with me
  • You get Sincere and consistent Encouragement, fous and momentum!

Change after just ONE coaching session

If you have read this page in its entirety, I encourage you and invite you to a FREE (complimentary) conversation with me
about where you are right now, and where you want to go.

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Constant Improvement – I LOVE learning, and I LOVE sharing what I learn with those who welcome it. Below is a growing list of my educational and career pursuits:

  • 2003 Founder and creator of The Coach Master Skill Group – a high level “skill lab” for Professional Coaches who are dedicated to Mastery
  • 1998 Coach University – 4 year/220 hour Coaching
  • 1991 Tony Robbins Shape Your Destiny self guided learning program
  • 1998 Stephen Covey Principle Centered Leadership – attended 7 day leadership workshop
  • 2000 Ken Blanchard’s Situational Self Leadership – attended 7 day business training Program
  • 2003 By Referral Only – 3 day workshop on how to build a referral based business
  • 2004 “Adventures in Intimacy” – attended 5 day workshop (with Hedy and Yumi Schleifer on developing higher evolved communication skills for conflict resolution in personal relationships
  • 2002 NLP Coaching – 20-day NLP Coaching Training
  • 2003 Wealthy Mind – 2.5 day workshop
  • 2004 Peak Potential – with T. Harv Ekar 5 day workshop on creating and achieving the wealth you desire in your business and life
  • 2010 Emotional Freedom Technique – a very simple and approachable method of tapping (on accu-pressure points around the body) to release unwanted feelings, emotions and beliefs that hold one back from their fullest abilities and potential
  • 2014 Unleash the Power Within – Live 4 Day Tony Robbins full immersion experience