A peek inside a Happy pocket wealthy mind?

Want to take a Peek inside Happy Pocket Wealthy Mind!! The HPWM program very specifically and deliberately conditions the participants mind and thinking to not just understand the LAW OF ATTRACTION and LAW OF CAUSE AND AFFECT, but to live it and breath it consciously – and consistently. Since stories have always been our most powerful […]

How is it going really

How would you rate your 2015 so far? Really?    On a scale from 1 – 10 Is that okay with you? If you aren’t digging the direction, or the lack of sparkle, or that things are looking and feeling quite the same as they did last year and the year before that, YOU CAN […]

“Is this really happening to me?”

Wouldn’t you love to feel that kind of amazement and thrill throughout your 2015?      I would, and that is exaclty the kind of year I am going to have for myself.    (see programs below)   Want to join me?  It is absolutely possible and right here in front of you for the having and enjoying!! The New Year is a little bit of […]

When to Call Laura

When to call  Laura Burkey Coaching When is it a good time to take a deep breath and exhale steadily?   Any time and all of the time really.  It’s calming, it’s relieving and it keeps you alive and kicking. Same truth for calling on the support of a trained coach who has the same […]

Change Thinking Quickly

Coaching Tip:   How to change your thinking (and thus your feelings) Swiftly!! Have you ever turned on a the radio, and you hear a song, or the dj yacking on about something and the ‘sound of it all’ just doesn’t fit where you are or where you want to be – in the moment […]


DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE THIS?     If yes, YOU ARE OKAY! THIS IS what the road to success looks like and FEELS like. If you encounter frustration, uncertainty, pain, doubt, mess-ups, and re-try’s….you are doing JUST FINE…..and go ahead and KEEP GOING!! What looks and feels like CHAOS to you is actually and probably an […]

Think Better about Fear

Whenever something isn’t going well in my life (especially when it is about some conflict between myself and another person) the friend I am discussing my concern with will say something to me like, “This is all in your head Laura”, meaning, “what you are fretting about or suffering over is your own thinking – creating this”. As frustrating […]

A Moment of Coaching 2

Coaching Tip: If you want real and lasting change (about something in your life) yes, you have to change your ‘thinking’ about it, but more important than that, you have to change how you FEEL about it!!      

A Moment of Coaching 1

Coaching Question: What has been the conversation in your head the last hour? (last day? last week? year?) Why do I ask? Because, however that conversation is unfolding, IS THE PREVIEW of the experience(s) you are setting yourself up to have. Be very careful and be VERY DELIBERATE about what you are saying to yourself. […]

Give your goals to momentum

Is there a project or goal or something that you have been wanting to complete but can’t seem to reach the finish line?  It is so incredibly frustrating when you feel like you have done everything possible, and yet you aren’t getting your desired results. No doubt you have thought about what you want, talked […]

5 easy habits to drop you down a size

For fun and curiosity I did a search on Google for “why diets don’t work” and got 42,500,000 results!  LOL, now that is funny! Need I extrapolate?  Surely you do not need convincing that diet’s just do not work for long term weight management?  My bet is that you’d only have to think of one […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Life

It’s Spring! Have you gotten the fever yet? You know, the one that has you fervently fling open the windows, vacuum every corner of the house, strip and sanitize the linens and hollow out the closets? It is a condition, this spring fever, that compels us to clear out the stagnate and stale to make […]

Hello Friend

We’ve all been here before.  It is actually a natural and necessary part to the rhythm and pattern of life and growth.   (Ask me about the Universal Cycle of Change) “It is not a problem at all if you are here, but IT WILL BECOME A PROBLEM if you choose to stay here”. Why not book […]

5 tips to getting along better

We humans are social creatures which means that we need connection and interaction with other people to experience our ‘best self’ and to experience a genuine sense of well being. And wouldn’t you know, yet another thing, like flossing daily or saving 10% of your income each month, that is not an easy thing to […]