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(3 Tips) How to Gush about Your Journey

journeyMany people do (and will) facilitate their life and career with the notion that their greatest needs and goals are to be happy and successful. They will buy books, attend seminars, strive to be this and strain to do that, all in the name of attaining the awards of happy and successful!

Did you know

‘Happy’ is an emotional state that comes and goes as temperamentally as the wind.

‘Success’ is rarely a fixed idea or outcome, but rather is advised and influenced by your ever changing circumstances.

While feeling happy and feeling successful are great feelings, these are not the ‘pot of gold‘ we think they are.

In reality, our greatest needs are to see POSITIVE PROGRESS and change in ourselves and lives and to know and feel that we are, and will always be, ‘ok’.

Ralph Waldo Emerson gave us the great gift of a quote; “Life is not a destination, but a journey”. And Ralph, did the laps for us to discover and know this truth.

Still yet, most people still aim for “Happy-ness” and “Success”. They still believe that there is a finish line, a medal or some other completion mark that will ensure that “they did it”!! They made happy and successful.

I am of the belief that these are, pretty much, illusionary destinations.

Haven’t we all been there? Haven’t we jumped through some of the same hoops? “If only I make more money this year”, “if only I can fit into this dress by summer”, “if only I get that promotion”, “if only X, than I will be happy and successful”.

And when these things didn’t land us fully and completely at happy and successful we were left feeling like we failed. The very feeling we were working so hard to avoid. So what is not working?

It is time to switch focus

More important than what you ‘have’ or what you ‘do’; it is much more important and valuable the EXPERIENCE you are having while you are in process or pursuit of doing and having.

The experience of joy. The experience of growing. The experience of sharing, teaching, giving, loving, understanding, building, developing, discovering, and so on. These intangibles get into us and dwell in us far better and longer than any Gucci bag or luxury sport car ever has or will.

You will find this true over and over if you really take a moment to look at your own experience (journey) so far. After such contemplation, or in lieu of it, here are a few suggestions that I believe Ralph would approve.

3 simple Tips to help you enjoy the journey vs. dwell on the destination

Tip 1: Dwell in Gratitude

This is a popular one and there is good reason it is. It works!! It works fantastically and instantly.

Talking about, thinking about and dwelling on what you are grateful for is the easiest (and possibly only) way to experiencing “Heaven on Earth”.

Tip 2: Dwell more in your Body (vs. your head)

We spend way too much time up in our heads and not enough down in our bodies.

If you can become more aware and present with what it feels like to actually be ‘in’ your body, you will notice immediately that you are now showing up in the actual ‘present moment’ (the only real moment you ever have).

It is only in the present moment where we can ever experience the joy, the rush and the magic of this one extraordinary life.

Tip 3: See EVERYTHING as the Gift it is

There is that expression, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. That speaks simply to point of view. So I challenge you today to adjust your point of view a bit, and see EVERYTHING as a gift.

Reading it off of paper it may sound ridiculous and non-sensical, but if you will go about your day and actually practice this you may notice there is something wonderful and special and nice and needed at ever turn for you and your great journey.

And so you may ask, even in the slow driver in front of me, the defiant teenager, the stubborn spouse, or the lack-luster paycheck? Yes, in what you once perceived as ‘problems’ or what you once saw as ‘luck’…all of these are gifts (treasure). And when you really get that and live that, you will know for sure that there is (and never was) a destination to get to at all.

It was and is, all about the journey!

You can do this!!



Laura Burkey is a Master Certified Coach with 18 years of experience in the field of Interpersonal Communications and Success Psychology. Through her coaching practice, Laura Burkey Coaching, she works with individuals and couples to replace outdated thinking with practices that strengthen and condition a person’s beliefs and thought patterns so that they can take consistently smarter, more efficient actions to create more success at work and at home. Laura offers private and group coaching, custom workshops, speaking, and couples communication coaching. For more information, visit

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