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5 tips to getting along better

couple1We humans are social creatures which means that we need connection and interaction with other people to experience our ‘best self’ and to experience a genuine sense of well being.

And wouldn’t you know, yet another thing, like flossing daily or saving 10% of your income each month, that is not an easy thing to do.

In fact, from where I stand (and the work that I do), relating harmoniously and easily is one of the top challenges in most of my clients’ lives. Be it with their spouse, their children, their employees or their neighbors, people very often have a hard time relating easily and consistently with people.

There is an enormous payoff though to those who g et ‘relationships’ right and do them well. To sum it up in a single word: EASE. Because we are social animals, we really do need to relate well with others to experience the very best in our physical, emotional, and mental health.

For anyone who has ever been in a relationship of any kind knows, that if there is struggle with even one person in your life, that stress can and will spill over and negatively effect other relationships and other parts of your life.

Lets change this now

Here are 5 easy tips for instantly improving the way you and another get along so that you can enjoy more peace, ease and harmony in your life:

Stop making that other person responsible for your happiness.

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but at some level the reason we get so upset or frustrated with another human being is that they are not doing what we want them to do, and that makes us feel out of control, which usually makes us unhappy.

If you take the mindset that that other person was not born or put on this earth to “make you happy”, you will instantly experience a release of the stress that you are bringing to your self and to that relationship.

Allow everybody to be who they are.

Our ego’s trick us to think that we (meaning you) do everything pretty ‘right on’ and everyone else is quite ‘off’ in how they think and behave. “Sorry ego”, this errors on the side of delusional thinking big time.

The reality is, we are all born unique individuals with varying ideas, values, understandings and desires.  And our work here on earth is to figure out how to get along with everyone, despite our uniqueness.

When you allow your spouse to be in a quiet mood that morning, or your child to not love cleaning his/or her room, or your employee to not be as quick or spe edy to react as you, you actually allow yourself to stay centered and in ‘peace’, which feels really good.

And, when you stay in this place of peace, you can and will relate much much better than if you condemn or find fault in them for being ‘who they are’.

Stop casting them the ‘bad’ guy in your story.

“Hello again Ego!” That’s okay, our ego is just doing what it does best, making us feel right, good and safe. However, it does this at a tremendous cost. The cost having peace and balance in our life.

The better way to proceed in any relationship you have is to drop the role of ‘bad guy‘ (and always and only cast you and the other as ‘good guy’) in whatever story you are dealing with; parent, friend, spouse, child, employer, etc.

We are actually all ‘good people’ doing the very best we can. Our best isn’t always understood or translated well by others, but to assume that you and anyone you relate with is always doing their best (at that time) will ensure instant peace for you and that relationship.

Create some space between you and the other.

There is that expression “familiarity breeds contempt”. It is well known for a reason. It tends to prove true. Sometimes the best thing for a prickly period of relating is to have some distance from that particular relationship.

Physical distance or just relational distance, meaning, take a little bit of a time out in interacting so that you can almost become new friends again.

Really pay attention and listen to the other

We all think we do this really well, and surely you do do it quite well.  But, if you become even more deliberate in the attention you give to your spouse, child, employee, or neighbor, you might be very surprised to see and hear some things you miss in usual interactions.

Make it a fun game or experiment with yourself, and try to see a side to this person you don’t usually see. Really intend to find something new (or that you don’t usually look at).

Doing this will keep you free from suffering the differences (that will always exist) and allow that other person the awesome feeling of really being seen and heard (which we all love).

You can do this!


Laura Burkey is a Master Certified Coach with 18 years of experience in the field of Interpersonal Communications and Success Psychology. Through her coaching practice, Laura Burkey Coaching, she works with individuals and couples to replace outdated thinking with practices that strengthen and condition a person’s beliefs and thought patterns so that they can take consistently smarter, more efficient actions to create more success at work and at home. Laura offers private and group coaching, custom workshops, speaking, and couples communication coaching. For more information, visit

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