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Laura Burkey Certificated Thought, Behavior & Communication Coach

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My Mission & Approach

I specialize in Thought, Behavior & Communication Coaching as well as Couples Communication Coaching

I work with forward thinking, open minded individuals who are intentional about their personal growth and development.   Starting within and for themselves, my clients are highly interested in personal empowerment and positive impact.   

From minute one, I meet my clients right where they are, and begin a supportive, dynamic and honest conversation about what is right and true for them, and what is not.    With 27 years of coaching experience, I have an adeptness in coaching language and strong intuitive sense that has proven to deliver  "just what I needed" coaching.   

I was born to do this...

I am obsessed with human behavior, interpersonal relating and communicating thoughts and feelings effectively and impeccably. I have been enthusiastically studying both the psychological and spiritual aspect of being and living this human experience since 1988.

I was born fascinated by how humans think, and consequently, why they do what they do. Because of this, I have been a keen observer all of my life, studying and learning the psychological and spiritual nature of my fellow humans.

I have been in private practice since 2000 coaching individuals to evolve and develop their thought-behavior link.

In 2016, my obsession with relationships went full bloom when I developed a program for couples. I was passionate about the notion that when relationships get hard, it is not that you have a bad partner, but rather, bad patterns in your relationship that make it so difficult.

"I’ve Been Helping Create Positive Changes In People's Lives and Relationships For Over 25 Years."

Laura Burkey

Areas Of Specialty

Career Development

I encourage personal growth and accountability in order to foster greater success in the workplace. Through this process, I provide invaluable insight and assistance that can lead to improved job satisfaction and increased professional opportunities

Personal Growth

Through goal-oriented conversations with me and my team, clients can discover new perspectives on how to approach life challenges, create action plans that will help them reach their goals, and develop strategies to stay motivated and achieve success.

Building Self - Confidence

I help my clients build self-confidence by providing personalized coaching and support. Through a tailored approach, I help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop positive self-talk, set achievable goals, and take meaningful action steps to reach them.

Navigating Changes

I offer resources such as workshops and classes to assist individuals in developing skills and techniques that will enable them to better manage the transition process, while also enabling them to appreciate the opportunities that come from experiencing change.

life balance

I can help you create and maintain a balanced life by offering guidance and support to identify your goals, prioritize them, and develop strategies for achieving them. We will work together to reduce stress and anxiety, improve communication skills, manage time effectively, cultivate meaningful relationships with family and friends, and develop all-around healthier habits.

Relationship Coaching

As a life coach, I can help improve relationships between parents or spouses by providing support and guidance. I can help identify unhealthy patterns of behavior, develop communication strategies, and create goals to work towards. By working together, we can create a more positive atmosphere in your relationship that will lead to healthier interaction and understanding.

Professional Background


 I LOVE learning, and I LOVE sharing what I learn with those who welcome it. Below is a growing list of my educational and career pursuits:

    • 2003: Founder and creator of The Coach Master Skill Group – a high level “skill lab” for Professional Coaches who are dedicated to Mastery
    • 1998: Coach University – 4 year/220 hour Coaching
    • 1991: Tony Robbins Shape Your Destiny self guided learning program
    • 1998: Stephen Covey Principle Centered Leadership – attended 7 day leadership workshop
    • 2000: Ken Blanchard’s Situational Self Leadership – attended 7 day business training Program
    • 2003: By Referral Only – 3 day workshop on how to build a referral based business
    • 2004: “Adventures in Intimacy” – attended 5 day workshop (with Hedy and Yumi Schleifer on developing higher evolved communication skills for conflict resolution in personal relationships
    • 2002: NLP Coaching – 20-day NLP Coaching Training
    • 2003: Wealthy Mind – 2.5 day workshop
    • 2004: Peak Potential – with T. Harv Ekar 5 day workshop on creating and achieving the wealth you desire in your business and life
    • 2010: Emotional Freedom Technique – a very simple and approachable method of tapping (on accu-pressure points around the body) to release unwanted feelings, emotions and beliefs that hold one back from their fullest abilities and potential
    • 2014: Unleash the Power Within – Live 4 Day Tony Robbins full immersion experience

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