Areas of Coaching:

Mentor Coaching – For NEW coaches just getting started with their coaching practice.

  • Results Coaching – For individuals who need help staying focused and on track toward a specific outcome.
  • Career Coaching – For individuals who need help staying focused and on track toward a specific career.
  • Life Coaching – For individuals who are seeking personal growth and want to improve many areas of their life.
  • Group Coaching – For individuals who have colleagues, friends, or family sharing a common goal or challenge and would like to work as a group with a coach (cost effective way to get lots of support).

I work with independent thinking, straight forward and articulate individuals who have a serious (and rather large) desire to grow personally and professionally. I work very well with individuals who would describe themselves as creative, motivated, curious, honest, and interested in living and enjoying the best life possible.

My Coaching Style
I have a quick, highly intuitive, solution-oriented mind. I respond thoughtfully to my clients challenges and needs in a style and manner that continually inspires new thoughts, and enables them to take the actions necessary to achieve their ultimate outcomes.

Providing World Class Coaching is my top goal and priority. To deliver the best coaching support I possibly can, I regularly attend trainings, classes and workshops all over the country to teach, share and guide my clients to their success!

What you can expect working with me as your coach:

You can expect to focus on most (if not all) parts of your life. You can expect better results (due to an upgrade in both your thinking and your doing), and you can expect a level of support and understanding that inspires, empowers and enables you to accomplish more than you might without such support.

Coaching sessions are typically three times a month for 30 minutes. However; because I see you as the unique individual that you are, you may request or require a different format for the coaching support you want or need.

Coaching Rates:

Hourly Rate:  $250 per hour  / $175 per half hour  – for clients who have worked a full month with me

Monthly rate   $1000  for new clients who are looking for a coach they can grow with and trust will keep growing right along with them.

Monthly coaching includes four, weekly, 1-hour sessions and unlimited email and text support.  I require 4 consecutive sessions for brand new clients at start, as this allows for rapport building, clarity of goals and challenges and a good amount of time for some ‘upgrading’ of your ‘thought-behavior programming’.

(Coaching is tax deductible)

I operate under a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.