MENTOR COACHING (for coaching professionals)

Who Benefits: New coaches who want to build their dream practice and further strengthen and develop their coaching skills.

Coaching Rates:

Hourly Rate:  $175 per hour  / $89 per half hour  – for existing clients who have worked a full month with me.

Monthly Rate:   $555  for new clients who are looking for a coach they can grow with and trust will keep growing right along with them.

Monthly coaching includes: four, weekly, 1-hour sessions and unlimited email and text support.  I require 4 consecutive sessions for brand new clients at start, as this allows for rapport building, clarity of goals and challenges and a good amount of time for some ‘upgrading’ of your ‘thought-behavior programming’.

(Coaching is tax deductible)

Area of Focus:

  • You
  • What exactly you want to accomplish in your coaching practice and income
  • What YOU will need to reach your desired outcome.

My coaching programs, style, and approach consider YOU in every aspect of the process. Your goals and wants are as unique as you are and how we approach achieving your goals is tailor made to draw on your strengths and abilities.

My promise to you: You will always be treated and coached in a way that inspires, enables and empowers YOU!

Features and Benefits:

In addition to the specific needs you have for being coached to success, some other features and benefits you can expect:

  • Goal Clarity – what do you want and what will you need to achieve it!
  • Attracting clients and referrals to your new business
  • Creating structure in your business to enable consistent movement and growth forward
  • Regular follow up/Accountability
  • Empowerment tools and resources
  • Thoughtful discussions and problem solving around your toughest challenges ad obstacles