A really fun, easy, cool and powerful EMAIL BASED coaching program

When I know something is REALLY GOOD, and I know this something REALLY WORKS, I CANNOT sit back and stay quiet about it.   “I just can’t”

This is a 20 Day Journey centered around GRATITUDE (and the law of attraction) and experiencing first hand how these two WORK TOGETHER in your life!!  

This 20 Day Gratitude program was inspired by the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Bryne.  She is the author of the book and film “The Secret”. After my own game-changing experience with her 28-Day journey, I could not, not share the absolute power of gratitude.  What I do is walk you day-by-day through 20 days of Gratitude practices, 1 step at a time, by email.  Many who have now been through this program with me ask:    “Why do you charge so little for such a life-changing program?”

My answer:  “I want to make it accessible for everyone to learn and experience just how amazing and impactful gratitude is.  Most people believe they are ‘grateful’,…(I thought I was too), but when you practice these 20 steps, you will clearly begin to understand how wide and deep you can go with Gratitude and it cannot help but improve and better your life! I charge $1 a day for the accountability, encouragement, and support — and to keep you doing it!!!  Trust me!! You will be so GRATEFUL that you did.  

  • It’s all done by email.
  • It is super easy, super supportive, and super transformative.
  • You do not need to buy the book to go through this program.

There is absolutely no downside, and only pure positive consequences for you.  (see more endorsements below)

This program is so easy, so affordable and SO ABSOLUTELY LIFE TRANSFORMING.    (you will see I mean by that you just have to do the program to ‘get it’!) 

Here is what I have seen these 20 Days of Gratitude achieve for me and many others:

  • Completely transform and take relationships to a calmer, kinder, more positive state without “working” on it.   They just transform.
  • Dramatically drop off anxiety, fear, and worry about the ‘right now’ and instill confidence and faith in the unforseen/unknown future.
  • Expands one’s confidence and clarity about where they are and what they can achieve for their life.
  • Increases personal prosperity and the ability to attract more of what they want, just by being GENUINELY GRATEFUL.
  • An overwhelming sense of peace, ease and creativity – all without ‘efforting’ anything but just being grateful
  • Expands awareness and seriously sharpens one’s ability to receive the constant flow of BLESSINGS constantly coming….constantly!!

It is my deepest desire that as many people as possible would have this experience to dramatically enhance and improve the quality and experience of the Life they are living.