When it comes to MONEY, there are two distinct and very different mindsets to nurture.

  • A mindset of scarcity or a mindset of ABUNDANCE.
  • If you feel stressed and panicked when it comes to spending money.
  • If you feel like you have to work hard for money to come into your hands
  • If you feel like you are somehow fated to never have enough money…

Then, scarcity is the mindset and experience you are having with and around money.

With an abundant mindset one feels:

  • A daily appreciation and gratitude for the comforts and conveniences money provides
  • A ‘matter-of-factness’ that money is a form of energy, positive energy at that, and it cycles and flows continuously around you
  • Joy in receiving money and Ease in spending money because abundance exists for those who believe and tap into it

If you are tired of the scarcity experience AND If are willing to believe that it could be different for you, then Happy Pocket Wealthy Mind is your program.

Happy Pocket Wealthy Mind!

This is an Email based coaching program to easily and quickly guide you to more prosperity and abundance in your pocket and in your mind! This program is based on the science and spirituality of ABUNDANCE.   (And the Law of Attraction) It is designed from a whole array of teachings and experiences that over the years have proven to many (and to me) to make a definitive difference in acquiring a rich, abundant and wealthy mind, life and consequently, pocket.

Endorsement:   I’ve read countless “how to reach your goals” books and I’ve invested time and money in so many seminars and workshops over the years, and the results are usually so-so.   Then here comes Laura Burkey with the most affordable and fun ways to actually produce the change I want!   Easy, fun and results.   I also love the absence of the slick promoting and over inflated claims from Laura.  She is honest and real.  It is obvious she walks her talk.    I will forever be grateful to my friend for introducing me to her. I love her.

– Sandy A.

This program conditions (once and for all) your eyes, your mind and your thoughts to be in accordance with the natural laws of attraction, abundance and prosperity.


  • Activity & Accountability Emails which will come twice a week throughout the 60 day program.
  • Support, Encouragement and ‘checking in’  Emails which will come nearly daily to encourage and strengthen your new FOCUS.
  • Two 30-min check-in Coaching Sessions with Laura during program  to secure the CLARITY AND CHANGE this work inpsires and sponsors!

You will also receive an array of offerings to help you on this journey:

  • Assignments
  • 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Helpful videos
  • Article reads
  • Excerpts from the book

-and then some

Activity & Accountability Emails will show up in your inbox on Monday’s and Thursdays each week.

These emails will offer/teach a point on Abundance of mind and pocket and then also offer an fun “to-do” so that you can then  apply, practice and observe the teachings.

This is just MORE FUN, AMAZING CHANGE and STUFF THAT WORKS showing up in your inbox!!

The cost of this program is $267  (Sign up with buddy only $199 pp)