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Healing and Growing a Better Relationship

Welcome to Right-Relating Coaching and Counseling.

I stop the misunderstanding, resentment and chaos that is stressing your relationship and turn it around with skillful communication, clear understanding and genuine peace.

I do this by healing past hurts and misunderstandings between two people, and by constructing within this relationship productive communication skills and positive new agreements for lasting harmony and trust.

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“Forgiveness is not a feeling; it is a commitment. It is a choice to show mercy, not to hold the offense up against the offender. Forgiveness is an expression of love.”

− Thomas Chapman


I will help you fix this relationship.

In relationship (with spouse, or child) our personal system of thoughts, feelings an behaviors can easily clash with the other ‘systems’ around us.

That is truly, a forever-challenge of relationship!!

Because we don’t always know how to connect and see clearly through these systems, we can quickly lose joy, safety and precious time with those we deeply care about.

I have been professionally coaching since 1996. My area of expertise and continual study is in the thought-behaviour link that makes humans show up as they are and as they do.

You know and I know, that to manage your own private thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be quite the challenge.

Trying to understand your partner and child adds to the challenge no doubt.

Don’t see this as a problem, see it as a signal that there is always more learning and growing for us all to do. That is an ongoing aspect of this journey called LIFE!!

Learning how to harmonize with and better understand these other systems (someone else’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors) is what I teach, coach and facilitate you to do with great ease and grace.

A common challenge with these clashes is getting stuck in negative feedback loops and unwanted patterns with out most cherished and important relationships.

I am in business to fix that for good.

What I do right away is stop the unwanted and negative patterns that have developed within a relationship and restore (or sometimes totally reconstruct) a deeply trusting, solid understanding and secure relationship.

Every relationship is unique and where we start depends on where you are and what you need now.

Please contact me with any specific questions you have about your relationship challenges and goals. I’d be happy to tell you how I could help you.

“If you want a relationship that looks and feels like the most amazing thing on earth, you need to treat it like it is the most amazing thing on earth.”


  1. I work with couples planning to marry or newly married couples – to secure and ensure an easy to be in and satisfying marriage.
  2. I work with married or committed couples on the brink of separation or divorce to save and repair the relationship.
  3. I work with divorcing or divorced couples who wish to have a peaceful divorce and establish genuine peace and respect while continuing in the partnership of parenting.
  4. I work, coach and counsel Parent and Child relationships that are off-track and are needing development of trust, balance and understanding.

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Easy. Due to the nature of the work, which takes both my part and your part to work, if for any reasons at all you are not 100% pleased with the results of my service, you will receive a 50% REFUND- no hassle whatsoever.

I created the service after my own personal experiences ( 7 years) with marriage counseling.