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This program is designed for couples who want to STOP the negative patterns of thought, behavior, and speech that are wreaking havoc on the connection they once had and desperately want back.   Couples who choose this program are likely to experience uncomfortable levels of resentment, avoidance, and conflict in their relationship.
This is program helps couples understand themselves and their partners better when it comes to intimacy, perceptions, and needs.  Couples also gain sustainable, easy-to-remember, communication and relating skills that immediately enable more peace, ease, and harmony between each other.
What you can expect:
1.  Initial consultation (Couple meets with me by Zoom to talk about what they want to solve or fix in their marriage)
2.   A series of 15 Coaching sessions throughout the course of 3 months:   5 private Sessions for each individual,  and 5 Couples sessions.
3.  FAST COACHING:    TEXT Support!  (Coaching support given in-between coaching sessions, “right when you need it).
4.  Immediate Improved change in the dynamic, rapport and connection between you and your partner.

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