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Everything in moderation: Including your thoughts

woman thinkingDIY is generally understood as Do it Yourself. With this DIY Coaching column same notion applies. I’d love that you can coach yourself to some results and changes you desire with the information shared. DIY here also has another meaning: Deliberate and Intentional You, which is what I hope you become more of when you read this column and consider creating and achieving more of the experiences and outcomes you really want for your life.

If there is one thing I know for sure it is that we humans, love to think!
When I say we love to think, it is not necessarily to say that we always love ‘what’ we are thinking, but merely that we are very ready, very willing and quite at ease to think about and create a thought on just about anything.
We think and we think and we think. Our thinking and our thoughts come in the form of opinions, ideas, fears, concerns, judgements, advice and musings. Our thinking can be done quite deliberately and intentionally, and it can also be done with great haste and carelessness.
It is this aptness and ease for thinking, or creating a thought about something, that compels me to address it in this D.I.Y. article.
In my work I have come to see very clearly that our thinking (how we think and what we think about our thoughts) is both our greatest asset and our greatest liability. And with all things in life, finding the moderate or middle way encourages balance, harmony and peace.
A great liability in the way we think is that we over-think . We are not good at having a simple and isolated thought and leaving it alone and letting it be. Rarely do we allow a thought (we have) be, just a thought we had.
Oh no, instead, we tend to our thinking much like we tend to a stray thread on a sweater. We notice it, we tug on it, we instantly see the negative consequence of that choice, and out of panic or fear or why-ever else, we keep tugging and pulling. Until, we have turned that thought it into something of an event or situation that creates a kind of chaos for us. No balance, no peace, no harmony.
My coaching tip today is to strengthen your ability to temper and control how much you think about what you are thinking about. Very specifically, I challenge you to be more moderate and more in control of your thinking and where you let it go (or unravel to).

Be clear, I am not suggesting that you ‘not think’, but rather, I suggest and challenge you to not ‘over think’. Over thinking, like over eating or drinking or even over exercising is not good for your health. Again, moderation is key.



Laura Burkey is a Master Certified Coach with 18 years of experience in the field of Interpersonal Communications and Success Psychology. Through her coaching practice, Laura Burkey Coaching, she works with individuals and couples to replace outdated thinking with practices that strengthen and condition a person’s beliefs and thought patterns so that they can take consistently smarter, more efficient actions to create more success at work and at home. Laura offers private and group coaching, custom workshops, speaking, and couples communication coaching. For more information, visit

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