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THIS IS what the road to success looks like and FEELS like.

If you encounter frustration, uncertainty, pain, doubt, mess-ups, and re-try’s….you are doing JUST FINE…..and go ahead and KEEP GOING!!

What looks and feels like 
CHAOS to you is actually and probably an indication you are doing just fine.

Consider these examples of success in action:

–  The training and prep for athletes looks (and feels) much like this before they get to the actual and beautifully done Olympic competition.

–  The prep and making of masterful dishes for chefs (think Iron Chef) looks (and feels) much like this before they present their amazing plate to the judges.

–  The planning, designing and producing an awesome product like the iPhone, or Facebook or any other AMAZING thing, looks (and feels) much like this before it makes it to the market place.

Don’t let your thinking, think you out of your own success!

If you find yourself STUCK in (or viciously cycling) some lousy and self-defeating negative THINKING, it is time to call me.  

We can work that stuff out in just a few sessions!

Here for you,



Laura Burkey is a Master Certified Coach with 18 years of experience in the field of Interpersonal Communications and Success Psychology. Through her coaching practice, Laura Burkey Coaching, she works with individuals and couples to replace outdated thinking with practices that strengthen and condition a person’s beliefs and thought patterns so that they can take consistently smarter, more efficient actions to create more success at work and at home. Laura offers private and group coaching, custom workshops, speaking, and couples communication coaching. For more information, visit

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