HPWM (30 day experiment)  

If You Learn (and do) This, Your Life Will Never Be The Same (Law Of Attraction)


HPWM Assignment #4
Tapping with Brad Yates ALLOWING MONEY

HPWM Weekend Morsel – Bruce Lipton on the Science and Theory of EFT


HPWM Assignment #3 Video on fine tuning your emotional vibration

Your Emotions Matter

Great interview for those who allow both Faith and Physics to inform their reality.

The most powerful words you can use

For those who have been introduced to the understanding of  I AM, you will enjoy this.  This offers a very different view and understanding of the link between God and You.

Change your words, Change your experience

Receive an awesome reminder in just 1:48, in how CHOOSING your words influences your outcomes!

Rick Warren – Living a Life of Purpose

An honest to goodness (20-min) talk about the importance and value in knowing your purpose.  Platitude FREE content.  Love it!!!

Harvard Medical – “What does it take to be happy”?

Under 10-minutes to view, and at half way point you will learn Harvard’s researched  5 avenues to attaining true happiness.

Absolutely delightful, informative and mind shifting TEDtalk.