4 Simple Steps to Creating Your Personal Living Theme


1.  Get this Key Distinction

DISTINCTION:  Having a Theme is about Emerging your true (authentic) or wisest self vs.  Improving or Adding to who you are.

I believe that as we evolve and develop along our individual paths (or in our own ‘process’) which is our unique life – two things are occurring simultaneously (if you let them) –

  • We are emerging or uncovering more of our true selves.  We are actually revealing more of who we TRULY and ALREADY are.
  • We are expanding and enhancing that which is already true about us.   We are expanding in our awareness and understanding of the world and who we are in it.


 2.   Make it Timely and Relevant

A powerful Living theme is Timely and relevant to you right now?

When deciding on a theme that is going to go that extra mile for you and really rock your year (and world) it is essential that the word and/or phrase you ultimately decide on speak to you in a very powerful and personal way.

Your theme should speak V O L U M E S to you.

The ‘message’ that your word or short phrase delivers – MUST – at this time and place in your life  ‘makes sense’ to you in a way that a year before or possibly a year later…you are sure it just wouldn’t.    It has to ‘hit’ you.  You will literally ‘feel’ It when you think it or say it.   If you don’t have a physical response to it…you haven’t quite got it.

3.  Your theme must require a daily (and healthy) stretch from you

In a way, your theme is a call to you – from you.   There is a place/part of you that knows full well that you are capable of much more, and also knows that consciously or unconsciously parts of you are in hiding.    How much more capable are you is the unknown, and your theme is meant to act as a kind of spot light in those moments and demand the performance of your hidden capabilities.

4.  It’s got to stick

Your theme must be punchy, catchy, easy to recall, personal, and AGAIN, speak v o l u m e s  to you!  Another example for me:  in (2002), my theme was ‘get fear’ and it spoke volumes to me, and in many different areas of my life:  Whenever I was resistant to create new business for myself, or do something I was AFRAID would end in failure, rejection, stupidity…”Get Fear” – jolted me out of that state of mind and into CONQUER, COURAGE, DISCOVER, LEARN!!!!


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