Happy Pocket Wealthy Mind

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This is an Email based coaching program to easily and quickly guide you to more prosperity and abundance in your pocket and in your mind!    

This program is based on the science and spirituality of ABUNDANCE.   (And the Law of Attraction)

It is designed from a whole array of teachings and experiences that over the years have proven to many (and to me) to make a definitive difference in acquiring a rich, abundant and wealthy mind, life and consequently, pocket.

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1 review for Happy Pocket Wealthy Mind

  1. Nick wood

    For the longest time, I thought I could never be helped no matter what. I was forever broken and lost. I wished death upon myself everyday. I always hated the idea of a therapist but Laura isn’t that! She’s a LIFE coach that changes thinking patterns. From just a couple months with her she changed my life completely. I went from having nothing going for me at 18 years old to being 22 years old busting into the music industry. Most importantly about Laura is she makes you become addicted to the progress. Once you realize you can break a funk, you realize your opportunities are endless with hard work and dedication! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND. She is a serious life changer.

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