Private 1-on-1 Coaching



Hourly Rate:  $250 per hour  / $175 per half hour  – for clients who have worked a full month with me

Monthly rate   $1000  for new clients who are looking for a coach they can grow with and trust will keep growing right along with them.

Monthly coaching includes 4, weekly, 1-hour sessions and unlimited email and text support. 

I require 4 consecutive sessions for brand new clients at start, as this allows for rapport building, clarity of goals and challenges and a good amount of time for some ‘upgrading’ of your ‘thought-behavior programming’.

(Coaching is tax deductible)



My personalized and unique coaching methods will empower you to:

Improve how you are thinking about yourself and your life

Dream and Imagine effectively  (yes, this is a real skill and done correctly, produces immediately)

Choose more deliberately and intentionally – thoughts and actions to better shape your life experience

Be consistent in your thoughts and actions toward your goals