How would you rate your 2015 so far?   
Really?    On a scale from 1 – 10  
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Is that okay with you? 
If you aren’t digging the direction, or the lack of sparkle, or that things are looking and feeling quite the same as they did last year and the year before that,
Contrary to some people’s beliefs, change DOES NOT require massive steps or massive actions to occur ….change mostly requires a straight forward DECISION!     A decision for something different, something better, something more or something like what you really want for your self.
And good for that, because you actually are a well practiced DECISION maker.
My 2015 coaching programs are “can’t stop yourself because of the price” affordable, fun to participate in,  and the all important,
RESULT GIVING!!   (See client reviews and programs below!)  
I have 4 really cool, honest to goodness ‘thought, feeling and action improving’ programs that WILL make a definite and positive impact in you, and in your life, RIGHT AWAY.

TC Porter, publisher/writer:   

Laura’s email coaching program for certain led me to the next level. Most of us would agree that from time to time we need some help.  Help this did!!   I could say she carried me to the NEXT level for sure.   My attitude, my marriage, my outlook…all have been significantly enhanced by this one decision.   The 28 Day Magic/Gratitude program effected a complete paradigm shift at my core.   Now I awaken each day with expectation and anticipation of magnificent outcomes.    Here is one such magnificent outcome:

Take a look!
Coaching Programs 
Create your 2015 Personal Living Theme  (Yes!  The year is still young)
Create your own Personal Living Theme this year that will inspire, empower and enable you to keep your focus and momentum toward your goals all year long.  I have been living by Themes (vs. resolutions) since 1996 and they are far superior in leading you through a year with more satisfaction, more success, and more results.     
Creating and living a year with a well crafted, distinctive and inspired THEME (or mantra) is a VERY powerful and VERY easy way to maintain focus and momentum toward the kind of year you most want to have.   
Dusty Smieja, Business Owner:   For some time I had lost connection with my ‘drive’ and the wherewithal to let my authentic self shine though.  In just one call with Laura (my 2015 Theme session)  I quickly got back in touch with the core things I am passionate about and felt my purpose/drive kick back into a higher gear.  Laura has a real gift to help people get to their core and thus feel inspired and energized to start living for what they really really want!!
What you get:  
–  Personal Living Theme workbook
–  1 Post-Theme Call (private) Coaching session
2015 Theme Call cost:
$25 per person  /when you build your own Theme group call
$50 1-on-1 private Theme Session

‘The Magic  28-day Journey.  

Experience (author of The Secret) Rhonda Bryne’s program THE MAGIC and learn how to cultivate what feels like MAGIC (and I believe really is) in your life.
You don’t have to buy the book or read the book to get the powerful benefit of Rhonda’s amazing work.  This is an email based coaching program that is unbelievably easy to do and immediately life altering.  (I have the endorsements to back this claim if you need them)  😉
This program is fun to do and most importantly, it is EFFECTIVE.  It really and truly changes you and the world around you in a way you will only understand by going through each (daily) exercise.
Toni Jakes, Consultant:   Laura is absolutely amazing at guiding us through this very powerful experience.    It has opened my eyes to see my life (and the things in life) that I was missing (but wasn’t aware I was missing).   The Magic 28 Day program has made me ever more grateful for what I have, and is teaching me the practice of gratitude for all that I want that is yet to come!
What you get:  
–  Daily “Magic” Emails
–  Email and text encouragement, support, and acknowledgement that helps keep you motivated and focused
–  An incredibly vast new experience of PEACE in your life
–  A dramatically better life experience
This is without doubt one of the biggest, best and cheapest (in terms of cost) INVESTMENTS you could make for your present/current life and FUTURE.
Patty M., Entrepreneur:  The Magic 28 Day program absoulutely delivers “IF YOU DO IT!”   I have been through it twice now and will repeat it a third simply because the  “proof is in the pudding.    Yes, you can buy the book and try to keep yourself on track for a consistent 28 daysor you can have the magnificent interest and encouragment that Laura lavishes on all of her clients in whatever way they come to her.   I had no idea what magic or being genuinely thrilled with your life felt like until this program.   WOW.  Everyone needs this and deserves this in their life.    I cant shut up about it.   Thank you Laura for making me aware.  What goodness you have brought to my life.
The Magic 28-day Journey cost:  $28  ($1 dollar per day)
This is a group program.  
Next Journey begins:
Wednesday February 18

2015  Month-to-Month Manifestation Program  
This program is perfect for the person who is pretty much always sitting at the front edge of their seat interested, excited, ready and wanting more for their life experience.   If you are someone who wants to live fully, enjoy the journey you are on, and achieve a lot of interesting stuff in your life.this is for you.
Month-to-Month Manifestation is a full year (12 session) coaching program.
Laura W. , Management Consultant:  The Month-to-Month coaching program with Laura fits perfectly with my needs, desired outcomes and schedule.  In just my first call (Jan.) which included an inspired and focused dialogue about my year long and monthly goals ,  Laura also checks in with supportive emails and progressive assignments that keep me focused and engaged with my goals.   I have already made MAJOR progress in addressing a long-standing issue that was quite concerning for me!   I got new and better results THAT quickly!  One phone call!!     Building on this momentum each month is exciting and securing to me.  I love knowing I have Laura in my corner.
Begin each month of this coming year with a “Manifesting” coaching session that is all about amping up your clarity, confidence and certainty about exactly what you want to create and attract in your life.      
By having a session at the beginning of each month you are able to keep your focus, momentum and traction strong and manifestation of good stuff consistent!!
What you get:
  • Enouragement, accountability and acknowledgment Emails 
  • 12 Private Coaching sessions
  • 365 Days of Focus, Traction and Momentum around your wants and desires!
  • Actual success and achievement of your greatest wants/desires
  • Personal when you want or need’ Text and/or Email support
Month-to-Month Manifesting cost:  $75 (per month)  
Program Dates:  
Whenever you wish
Happy Pocket Wealthy Mind!
This is an email based coaching program.   I will walk you through a 60 day journey opening up your awareness to manifesting and attracting what you want in terms of financial abundance and prosperity!    
You will get bite-sized, easy to chew, easy to digest teachings about the law of attraction, quantum physics, the unified field, and how to wield your amazing beautiful and oh-so powerful mind.  
You will enjoy twice weekly exercises to help you apply and practice this new information bit by bit.  
While you will certainly learn more about the law of attraction than you have ever known before, this program is SPECIFICALLY focused on taking your personal ‘money’ goals and manifesting them in the here and now!
Karin A., Business Owner:  OMG Laura, I am loving this program.   The 50 exercise was so much fun and it has once and for all changed my feeling about money and abundance.  Before this I was for sure operating from a more scarcity mindset, and it affected everything…right down to how I talked about my business.   This program and our session the other day has extinguished that mindset once and for all.   Yay!!   I get it so differently now all this talk about attracting money and abundance.  After talking with you on the phone, I spoke with two new clients about my service.  How I spoke about me, about them and about what I do was ABUNDANT with clarity, confidence and enthusiasm.   What a difference!!   This is awesome!
What you get:
  • Powerful LOA teaching and manifestation exercises – via daily/weekly Emails 
  • A very FUN, integrative, clarity-driving and satisfying 60 days.
  • Prosperity!!  More money, more peace, more ease, more security, more confidence around the topic of money (because now you will know how to bring more to you)
  • Personal when you want or need’ Text and/or Email coaching support throghout program
Happy Pocket Full of Money cost: $60  ($1 dollar a day to play)
This is a group program
Program Dates:  
Monday February 23rd
Laura Burkey
Thought, Behavior & Communication Coach 

Helping you create and achieve what you really want.

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