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Spring Cleaning for Your Life

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It’s Spring! Have you gotten the fever yet?

You know, the one that has you fervently fling open the windows, vacuum every corner of the house, strip and sanitize the linens and hollow out the closets? It is a condition, this spring fever, that compels us to clear out the stagnate and stale to make room for invigoration and the ‘next’!!

Forgive me for being so assumptive, but I tend to think that if I am doing this, then surely so must many others. Because an enthusiastic clean-the-entire-house-in-a-day kind of person, I am not.

Did you know there is a sister-fever, if you will, that can be addressed at the same time as this space clearing and cleaning one that we are less familiar with.

This other condition or fever is the want, need and hope for something better, something new, something exciting to happen in our day to day life experience.

Spring Cleaning for your life.

With spring comes the part of the universal cycle change we know as creation. A time for new things, a time for change, the time for the next cycle of growth. It is unavoidable and it is necessary. Remember my previous article about the cycles of change? ‘Life is change, and change is life’. You simply cannot avoid it.

If you are one of those who has gotten the fever already, then I would imagine you are still buzzing with a good amount of energy and enthusiasm and looking for your next ‘project’.

If you have not yet gotten the fever, not to worry, you don’t have to wait to get infected. Intentionally and deliberately putting yourself up to a task of cleaning up and clearing out even just one space will often do the trick to kick into high gear your natural cycle (of change).

Here are 3 to-do’s to spring clean your life

Clean up and Clear out

Pick 3 old thoughts or beliefs about yourself that are out-dated and just don’t fit you anymore and get rid of them. By the very nature of physics, you are not today exactly who you were even just a year ago, so you cannot keep dragging along with you every thought or feeling you once had.

How to do this: Make a list of 10 thoughts and beliefs that you know circulate in your mind that you know aren’t serving you well any longer. Circle the 3 that are most bothersome to you and your life and get to clearing them out. Need help? Coaching works on that.

Rearrange and Remodel

Look at how your are doing You? Do you like it? Does it feel good? Have you seen it done better elsewhere that you could use as inspiration for your own life? As much as we humans like and need certainty, we also like and need a fair amount of variety and uncertainty. Make your life look compelling and interesting (to you) once again.

How to do this: Sit back and dream a little. Take one part of your life, (career, money, health, relationships) and imagine some tiny tweaks that could be made in that area that would feel really fresh and good for you. See those tiny tweaks played out in your mind. Speak them out loud to someone who wishes good things for you and write about them on a single sheet of paper. Need help? Coaching works on that.

Install new Goods

Install new thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. (Ah, my favorite!)

If you don’t do the kind of work, research and study that someone in my line of work does, it would make sense that ‘how you think and what you think’ are ‘fixed’ things about a person. That some would conclude, ‘Who I am’ equals what I think and what I believe.

This is not so. Not at all, not at all.

Our thoughts, behaviors and beliefs are adaptable and evolving mechanics and are designed to be changed. Just consider this:

Did you once believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy? And do you still? – That is a belief changed.

Did you once hold tightly to a blanky, need to sleep with a light on, or have a bad habit that you kicked? – That is a behavior changed.

How to do this: Installing a new thought, behavior or belief takes two things: The firm deciding to do so, and daily repetition of the thought, behavior or belief. Just be sure to pick one you like.

There is an innate knowing in all of us that spring cleaning (the fever) not only feels good and right, but that it is necessary and unavoidable. Many people have and do avoid this stage in the cycle of change, and consequently remain stagnated and stuck where ‘it just doesn’t feel right’. Need help? Coaching works on this too.

I encourage you to go with the flow of spring, and allow the sun and air to flood into your ‘spaces’ and infuse them with exciting growth and vigor for your life experience.

You can do this!



Laura Burkey is a Master Certified Coach with 18 years of experience in the field of Interpersonal Communications and Success Psychology. Through her coaching practice, Laura Burkey Coaching, she works with individuals and couples to replace outdated thinking with practices that strengthen and condition a person’s beliefs and thought patterns so that they can take consistently smarter, more efficient actions to create more success at work and at home. Laura offers private and group coaching, custom workshops, speaking, and couples communication coaching. For more information, visit

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