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Finding peace around tough decisions and challenging situations is incredibly important to me. Through coaching with Laura I’ve strengthened my ability to provide thoughtful and direct feedback, become better at problem resolution, and weather the storms of entrepreneurship with ease. I don’t know how she does it, but Laura can nail it down fast! There hasn’t been an issue yet that she hasn’t satisfied at my call of need. If you ever take the opportunity to receive her coaching, look out for her keen and natural ability to use imagery and relevant anecdotes for quick and profound mental shifts.

Will Russ Owner, Clean Eatz, Entrepreneur


Laura's in-the-moment coaching is the immediate support you need when you feel stuck, anxious, and feel uncertain how to navigate your day, your world. Her skills reach beyond words with her quick ability to help you shift perspective while validating your challenge and connecting to real time. When I work with Laura I know the result will be clarity and confidence to navigate my current situation. I am beyond grateful for her support eleven years and going.

Kristin Gourde Human Resources, Cargill


My very first time talking to Laura, she told me I could reach out to her anytime I had need for coaching support. I thought to myself, “they always say that”. But then I actually needed help at a reasonably odd time, and hesitantly I texted her and she got back to me, right away. On a coaching call, she’s warm, direct, and wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter. Without fail each time I reach out to her she has the ability to turn me around to a more resourceful, confident state.

Dipin Rai MD


Laura Burkey is masterfully talented at her work. Anytime I feel stuck, indecisive or am overthinking a situation in my business or personal life, she is my go-to for a quick resolution! Within minutes on a call with her, the clarity, certainty and confidence that seemed unreachable or unattainable is found and secured. Laura has great intuition to what works to shift your perspective into a direction that is best for You. There are no pat answers or formulas with Laura. It is insightful and personal which is what keeps me returning to her services 4 years and going. I am so grateful for her coaching, she is truly masterful!!

Kelly McCormick, MPT Physical Therapist


I have been benefitting from Laura’s on-demand, in the moment super coaching style for 20 years.She is consistent. She never stops developing. She is Empathetic, Smart, and Quick. Her voice and her demeanor will disarm you and will allow you to put down any defenses or resistance you may have to address your ’stuff’! Laura cares so genuinely for the wellbeing of her clients and regards them with respect, you can’t help but experience a kind of obedience to the leveling-up process that is her thought and behavior coaching. I call Laura to pull me out the abyss when I fall in there, and she gets me back fast to my ground and center. Every session ends with a sigh of relief and a smile.

Robert Kalati Realtor, New York


There is no separation of the personal you and professional you when you are receiving coaching support with Laura. How you are seen, regarded and spoken to in the coaching dialogue is wholly transformative and empowering. It is actually during and in the dialogue that I can feel myself turning and shifting and changing to the next best version of myself. The combination of support of the in-depth longer coaching sessions and the on demand “I need support right now’ sessions makes Laura’s Concierge service an investment with very high return.

Sara Beasley, Territory Business Manager


Laura is an amazing coach. She is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and their personal best selves. She not only provides excellent coaching on her one to one session but she's very available and skilled to deal with crisis moments in real time. In one particular instance I was stressed with an impending career move and felt overwhelmed and motionless about what to do. I called Laura and she helped me see my situation not as a block or hurdle but as a life and career enhancing opportunity. And how true that was. In adjusting myself to that perspective my family and I did absolutely benefit as I had the mind and energy to navigate myself forward to the ideal career move. I hands-down recommend her to anyone seeking a more peaceful and harmonious way through life's demands and decisions.

Ragini Kapoor MD, General Pediatrics

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