Results Coaching – “Laura helped me complete my book!”
A little over a year ago my partner and I had the idea of a book about the Santa Cruz Mountain wineries. I hired Laura as my coach when we were about halfway through and wanted to complete the book on an aggressive deadline. Laura asked the right questions, gave me appropriate pushes and allowed me to come to conclusions in the time I needed for them. I am very proud of the end result of our book and couldn’t have done it without Laura’s coaching.”
Casey Young Dawes
Writer, Publisher
Life Coaching – “An innovative Leader in the Coaching Industry.”
Laura Burkey is a Professional Coach who “practices what she preaches”. She is first and foremost honest, respectful, generous and trustworthy — all the traits one desires to be. This motivates her clients by setting an example. This incredible person she is, combined with her deep insight into core issues and her impeccable listening skills, makes for the most outstanding coach. As a client of hers, I trust her with my life. Beyond her skills as personal coach, I also see Laura as an innovative leader in her field. I was fortunate to have worked with Laura during the initial development stages of the Coach Masters Skill Group web site as designer. During the time I worked with her, I was impressed by her ability to clearly articulate a process for developing a progression of skills to excel in the profession, and then by her success in galvanizing other peer coaches to collaborate in building their coaching skills together. Laura is constantly involved in innovative ways of advancing her profession, and is clearly one of the leaders in her field.”
Kathleen Watson
Web Designer/Artist, California
Mentor Coaching – “A full practice in less than a year.”
Coaching with Laura is enormously professional and yet totally personal. She is genuinely interested and invested in me and my future. She is always honest and to the point without being judgmental”. In less than a year Laura has helped me build a coaching practice and fill it with clients.”
Katie Harvey
Personal and Professional Coach, England
Group Coaching and Tele-class Participant – “No Fluff, Laura values your time.”
“Laura is, by far, the best workshop facilitator I have ever experienced. She was so totally prepared, did not waste one minute with fluff, shared her expertise with finesse and polish. I have more useful material from her four week class than I get from some 12 week classes.”
Helane Shuman
Personal Trainer, Illinois
Personal Coaching – “I wish this kind of support for everyone!”
“From the deepest part of my awareness I have been asking for change. The kind of change that frees up my energy, allowing me to take action for the purpose of a more vibrant, creative and happy life. Well, this is exactly what is happening, I have Laura Burkey as my coach and her listening power, intuitiveness, intelligence, humor and love of another soul (me) is literally emerging. I wish this kind of relationship for everyone.”
Susan Haid
Spiritual Healer, California
Career Coaching – “Laura really cares about my goals.”
“I used to think I could turn to just anyone when I was in a rut or unclear about something, but I now know otherwise. What is very different in talking to Laura about my challenges, concerns or goals is that her energy and focus in me is as strong and passionate as my own interest in me.”
Amyjo Kuster
Sales Executive, Colorado