I'm Laura Burkey,
An Experienced Thought, Behavior, and Communication Coach

I am obsessed with human behavior, interpersonal relating and communicating thoughts and feelings effectively and impeccably.

I have been enthusiastically studying both the psychological and spiritual aspect of being and living this human experience since 1988.

I was born fascinated by how humans think, and consequently, why they do what they do. Because of this, I have been a keen observer all of my life, studying and learning the psychological and spiritual nature of my fellow humans. 

As understanding and clarity grew, I experimented, practiced, and applied so much of what I was learning.   

Following the old adage, “take the best and leave the rest”, I have soldiered on, and continue still, making the most of what we are made of and learned how to shape and create a desired experience and reality.

I have been in private practice since 2000 coaching individuals to evolve and develop their thought-behavior link.

In 2016, my obsession with relationships went full bloom when I developed a program for couples.  I was passionate about the notion that when relationships get hard, it is not that you have a bad partner, but rather, bad patterns in your relationship that make it so difficult.

I share with couples, concepts, skills and processes to help  them achieve a marriage or relationship that is sustainably grounded in peace, ease, and harmony.

“I Coach People To Overcome Mental and Behavioral Obstacles Standing Between Them And Their Happiness.”

Laura Burkey

Alter Your Thought Process, Manifest A Life You Love

Improve HOW you think about yourself and your life

Dream and Imagine effectively

Choose more deliberate and intentional thoughts and actions that shape your life experiences and relationships

Take consistent, doable and result-specific actions toward your desired outcomes

Self Paced Online & One To One Coaching Programs Available Starting Soon!

I specialize in Thought, Behavior & Communication Coaching as well as Couples and Parental Communication Coaching

Why Work With Me

Over 25 Years Of Experience

I have been working with couples and parents for over 25 years and have mastered the art of helping people change their thought and behavior patterns, and learn to communicate effectively.

Qualified & Certified

*B.A. Interpersonal Communications and Psychology
* Founder Coach Master Skill Group
*Certified NLP Coach
*Graduate of Coaching University 220 Hour Coaching Certification

Different From The Rest

Helping people is what I live for. Unlike many other online coaches, I pride myself on having a personal relationship with every one of my students. Each of my courses come with a personal online face to face session with me, to make sure you are getting the attention and help you deserve.

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