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I Coach You Win!

Since 1996 I have been coaching the thought Behavior and communication link that exists in all people.  And I Love it!

What I know for sure is The success you seek isn’t out there.   It is in there, inside you, and I know where to look for it and  connect you to it quickly.  

I work with individuals, small private groups, small companies and couples.  

I am available for hire to speak for your organization or group.  I also tailor workshops that fit your organizations specific goals for growth and change. 



I love small group coaching, training and learning. I coach homemade groups (that you create) as well as groups you can join from my offerings.   The primary aim of small group coaching is expaning mind and awareness for greater creating, real connection, tru-fit collaboration, and sincere encouragement and support.  


Relationships are containers for heart-based experiences yet most people haven't been taught properly how to effectively create, cultivate and collaborate on how to design the container that is right for them. I help couples communicate and collaborate effectively so that they can experience peace, ease and real support in their relationship.


Give your team or group an UPGRADE in how they understand and 'use' the every day common and seemingly mundane words.

About Laura Burkey

Hello, I am Laura Burkey and I have been a thought, behavior, and communication coach since 1996 helping my clients master their ability to create and achieve what they truly want.

I am a coach, speaker, writer, trainer and mentor.  

My particular specialty is in using the power of thought and words to enable you to BE and to EXPERIENCE your highest ideas and ideals.

My passion is the study of thoughts and behaviors.   My aim is to illuminate and empower my clients to increase their awareness, understanding and use of their personal Creative Power.  


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